A bullet h*ck nightmare on an endless night! On a sea-covered world where the moon never leaves the sky, Marten holds out against mechanical invaders dead set on destroying her home with nothing but her trusty laz-blaster and a pair of rocket boots! But everything that rises must fall...

Created for Global Game Jam 2017!

A gamepad is recommended.

Leopard Controls:

Enter to begin

R to restart

Movement: Arrow keys

Fire: Z

Special attack: X (while moon is full)

Shockwave: Space (while moon is full)


Aubrey Rose

Character art, music, sound effects.

Jonathan Minnamon

Environment art, code, Unity engine wrangling

Louis Webb

Lead programmer, enemy AI design.


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BadMoonGGJ.zip 22 MB
BadMoonGGJ2017.app.zip 25 MB

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